Cow Learns to Swim

Cow Learns to Swim is an interactive comic about a despondent cow who wishes he could swim. As soon as the comic loads, the entire panel is concealed in darkness, except for a circular spotlight around your mouse pointer (in the web version) or finger (in the Android version). As you move the spotlight around the screen, different areas of the illustration are revealed, and the choices that you make in deciding where to place your spotlight can alter the course of the story.

To start reading Cow Learns to Swim, click on the pink Web or Android button to the left. The Web button will load the comic in your current web browser and the Android button will download the app's 2Mb installation (apk) file directly onto whichever android device you are currently using.

Cow Learns Learns to Swim was created using the Dark engine. If you are interested in learning more about this free app-generating tool or in trying it yourself, please click on the pink Dark button.


Art Erica Silverstein

Music None

Story Logic Erica Silverstein

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Erica Silverstein (